It's Selling Made Simple!

60 Day Realty is a full service real estate agency based in Louisville, KY. Created in 2007 by Jay Bowman, 60 Day Realty lists property for a simple flat fee.

In his previous years as a Realtor for other companies, Jay watched as the internet changed how people searched for information, purchased goods and began to manage tasks both simple and complicated. As he listened to seller after seller call for access to the MLS without having to paying a Realtor’s high commission, Jay saw an opportunity to help change the future of real estate.

He wanted to create a company that allowed people to list and control their own listing so people could sell their homes in a more efficient and less expensive way. Today 60 Day Realty is helping sellers do just that.

60 Day Realty’s concept is simple: 9 out of 10 homes that sell are found by buyers due to four simple reasons: the MLS, the internet, a yard sign and word of mouth. These powerful tools along with accurate home pricing are the reasons buyers find and buy houses.

60 Day Realty’s promise is to provide sellers with the highest level of customer service and the power to control their own listing for a simple flat fee. It’s Selling Made Simple!


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