Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes. We have plans that allow you to list your home and sell by owner without paying a buyer's agent 3% commission. Just let us know you have found a buyer on your own and accepted a contract. You will be required to pause your listing from the market and can reactivate your house using your client page at no charge if the contract falls through.
A. Yes. When you are providing information about your house you can request a free Comparative Market Analysis. Once you have uploaded your pictures we review them and your home's information. We will email our opinion of your potential sales price, recommended asking price and the comparables we believe support it. You still choose your own listing price regardless of our opinion.
A. No. There are no other fees associated with listing your home. When you sell your home you will pay the buyer’s agent a 3% commission based on the sales price and you will have title company closing costs that average around $500. These fees are typically removed from the proceeds of the sale of your home.
A. According to the National Association of Realtors 90% of buyers find the home they buy in four ways: the MLS, the internet, a yard sign and your neighbor’s word of mouth! Because of these four simple marketing techniques we don’t need large brick and mortar buildings, huge newspaper ads or massive overhead to sell homes. The power of the internet has changed the way buyers find homes and we decided to change with them!
A. Yes. When you are providing information about your home you'll choose the start date of your listing.
A. No. We must manually enter all the information on the MLS that you provide us.
A. Depending on the program you choose and the county the house is located in our agents will show your home to pre-approved buyers.
A. Absolutely! National companies as well as local companies have shown and made offers on 60 Day Realty homes. As a home for sale on the MLS you would offer Buyer's agent a commission. It’s how they make a living.
A. No, but you are welcome to hold one on your own. Open houses are a great way for an agent to generate business but an ineffective way to sell a home.
A. An agent will contact our showing service or you directly depending on which plan & service we offer to set up an appointment to see your home. The showing service will verify the individuals calling are licensed Realtors. The general public is not allowed access to the showing service. Once the Realtor has been verified, the agent is allowed to request an appointment on a specific day and time.

If an agent is directed to contact the showing service, they will then contact you to ask permission for the showing to occur. Once you have given your permission, the service will contact the agent to re-verify the day and time and provide specific showing instructions. If you choose a plan that does not include the showing service you are responsible for setting up showings and showing the home to potential buyers.
A. All offers from buyer’s agents are sent to your listing agent. Your listing agent will notify you what has been received and upload it, along with a summary, to your client page. Once you have reviewed the offer, you would contact your agent to discuss your options. When you have decided on how to proceed, your agent will provide you with the appropriate documentation through email so you can electronically sign all documents. With a few mouse clicks you will initial, date and sign everything. Your agent will then send your response to the buyer’s agent.